We Write, We Light Challenge

Five-Days to A Writing Routine

Take daily, concrete actions to help you create a writing routine you will keep throughout the year (and beyond).

Hosted by author and literary magazine editor, Rachel Thompson.

This challenge is for you if...

  • You struggle to find time to write as you work and raise a family.
  • You feel drained of creativity at the end of a long day and it stops you from writing.
  • You had a big life change that impacted your writing life.
  • You worry that the time you spend writing isn’t worth the effort.
  • You battle distractions to get down to writing.
  • clock-o
    You write, but not consistently—as soon as you get some momentum, something changes and you're thrown off.

Each day of the challenge, we'll take concrete steps to build a schedule that fits—and brightens—your ideal writing life.